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Soul Realignment Readings

A Soul Realignment reading gives you a deeper understanding of who you are at Soul level and how you might be held back from fully expressing yourself and enjoying all the abundance of this life. Find out more below.

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What is a Soul Realignment Reading

This style of Akashic Record Reading is different to the other readings I present as all the Intuitive work in the records is done before we meet using the very detailed Soul Realignment protocol. This process can take anywhere from 4 - 6 hours or more. Once I've collated all the findings we will get together so I can share it all with you.

You will walk away with a deeper understanding of who you are at soul level. You will also gain insight into any blocks or restrictions that may be holding you back from fully expressing your divine gifts and from receiving all the abundance that is on offer in this lifetime in all areas including relationships, career, health and prosperity.

I complete clearing work in your records that will release any karmic patterns that have been uncovered along with patterns of negative thinking. We will also work  to clear any bargains, vows, contracts or agreements you may have entered  into, that you are ready to release and that stop you from expressing who you are at soul level. These may have been carried over from previous lifetimes.

Together we will create a plan to move forward honouring this new energetic code so you really start to see big shifts happening in your life. It's the actions that you take after the reading that will ensure the changes stick.

Introductory Rate for May 2024

You will receive a 50% discount off your booking if you book and make payment before 31st May. Presentations may be scheduled later than May to allow time for me to do the research and preparation.

Full price ~$360  Introductory offer~ $180

Email me using the button below and I'll send you all the details to get the process started.

Property Reading and Clearing

I also work in the records to do property clearing on behalf of the owners of the property whose permission I need to do the work.


Properties can carry an energy or vibration that is out of alignment with it’s owners. There can be a variety of reasons for this.


Ultimately by conducting a property reading and clearing, we remove any unwanted energies and realign the energy to make it a more agreeable and relaxing space for those inhabiting it. Consider it to be the next step up after saging/smudging, this process uses the Akashic Records to identify what is currently affecting the property before going ahead and clearing it.


I work in the records before we meet to uncover information about the property. I'll look into details of past land assignment, energetic portal-ways and gateways that may be open and earthbound souls that may be attached to the property. I also do clearing work in the Records.


When I present the findings which usually takes 20-30 minutes,  you will find out what was found in your property, and how it may have been affecting the inhabitants.

If the land was previously used for religious purposes for example, or if a battle took place there, the land can continue to carry that energy.


Full price ~ $110 Introductory offer ~ $80

Email me using the button below and I'll send you all the details to get the process started.

Find Out More

If you're interested in learning more about the Soul Realignment method you can watch an introductory webinar below. Or visit the website.

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