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Be kind to you!

The older I get and the more I work with people one on one giving Intuitive readings, the more I see that the majority of us are really hard on ourselves. Like to the point of being mean and nasty even.  We berate ourselves for our shortcomings and failures and we never stop to give ourselves a pat on the back when we do some good in the world.

So let's change that. Because the kinder we are to ourselves, the happier and more fulfilled we feel.

Here's 4 ways to get started;

  • Celebrate your strengths. Maybe you are the person everyone can count on. Perhaps you always know the right thing to say to make someone feel better. Maybe you keep everyone laughing.  Maybe you care for animals and plants and make the world a nicer place. Stop and acknowledge those gifts right now. "Hey you, well done!"

  • Give yourself what you need. That might mean asking for help if you usually shoulder the burden for everyone else. Or it might be taking time out to sit under a tree and rest. Or it might be a lovely foot rub with some essential oils to give yourself a treat.

  • And most importantly, your self talk should sound like you're talking to a friend.  Give yourself a break and speak kindly to yourself.  Become a friend not an enemy to yourself. 

  • Or another way I would tell you to check in with your self talk is to imagine you're talking to your 5 year old self. Remember how sweet and innocent you were. Be kind to that little treasure.

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