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Akashic Records Consultation: Our Therapies


Empower Your Life



Have you ever heard the expression, the answer to your question is inside you?


There are times in our lives when situations, events or relationships are frustrating and difficult to understand and sometimes very upsetting.  The idea that you might already have the answer just seems to make it all the worse because you can't see any way out.

Let me help you reveal it.


An Akashic Record reading is a way of speaking directly with your Higher Self and accessing the wisdom that is inherent within you. I will be your guide to help you access this deeper knowing in a safe and confidential space. I will open a channel into your own Akashic Record and be able to access the information that this contains.

Our session will begin with the questions that you bring and we will open up a dialogue with your masters and teachers so that you can receive advice and guidance from them to help you understand more deeply what is really going on.

This discussion might address patterns of behaviour that are holding you back,  issues that you have inherited from your ancestors,  past life influences as well as blind spots in your own mind set, behaviours and belief systems.  


We may address questions about your life purpose, health issues, relationships and creating the life you desire. You can ask what decisions are in your best interest and what direction will be for your highest good.


Throughout the reading you will receive healing to help you to integrate the changes that you seek and also tools that will help you to manifest new, healthy patterns in your life.

I'm really looking forward to helping you be true to yourself and grow into your potential.

Appointments are available Thursday, Friday and Saturday in person or via a phone call or zoom. I'll send you more information on how to prepare for your reading and some useful things to know before we begin. Feel free to record your session and if you need help to do that let me know.

You can book using the calendar below or contact me directly.

  • 60 minute Intuitive Akashic Records Reading - $120

Payment for readings should be made either in person or via bank transfer at least 48 hours prior to the reading if we are meeting online or over the phone.

  • Soul Realignment Reading $360

The Soul Realignment readings require me to spend around 6 hours in your records prior to our meeting and we will meet for 60-70 minutes after this so I can present the findings to you.

Find out more here


Send me an email via the button below to book a reading. I'll get back to you with available times and a request for the information I need from you to get started.  Can't wait to hear from you. xx

"We are one.
Everything in the universe is within you.
Ask all from yourself."


Thank you Janine!
What a special gift you have! Our session helped me immensely bringing tears to my eyes. Self worth, validation such a powerful fragile thing with a sprinkling of home truths.  I am grateful to you. 💜🙏


Just wanted to thank you for the consultation, a lot of what you said really resonated with me , especially with my daughter. I have re-read my notes several times and taking the time to include the affirmations in my day and have been dealing with a difficult situation with may dad these last few weeks but not feeling weighed down at all, it’s like I am enough to get it done.


Janine gives the most insightful Akashic readings. Soul Realignment is powerful and opens blocks in life. I highly recommend a reading from Janine, especially if you are requiring clarity or guidance in your life. Or to understand how your soul contract has influenced your past decisions.

Janine gives the readings with utmost respect and understanding.


Akashic Records Consultation: Testimonials
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